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James Cameron’s movie epic ‘Avatar’; has been released alongside a game of the same name. However, adiposity don’t write this one off as just another rush release movie game just yet. Cameron’s vision for the movie came four and a half years prior to its release which left plenty of time for game development.

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Yeah, Jarrett Lee has been pretty ineffective, going 7 of 20 for 93 yards and a touchdown. But this eems like an odd thing to do, with the game being in hand. But, maybe there is a method to the madness. “When we considered all the elements, the city determined that we could lower BC Hydro’s costs as well as eliminate shared use of Surge Tower Rd. During construction by combining all water treatment at the new lakeside pump station,” says Jason Hartley, the city’s capital works manager. “This would also remove a major section of the water transmission line from the park, minimizing our impact on an important community and provincial asset.”.

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