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70-411 exam

Dr. Saroj Mandal (MD, DM, FICP, FESC, AFSCAI, and MAPHRM) is an eminent Sr. Interventional Cardiologist. He completed his Post-doctoral degree (DM in CARDIOLOGY) from one of the most prestigious Institute IPGMER & SSKM Hospital and worked there for more 12 years as a faculty member and was Faculty in-charge Cardiac Cath Lab Procedures. He is a very dedicated, hard working and sincere young doctor who has attained dexterity in cardiac interventions. He is a Senior Consultant Cardiologist of B M Birla Heart Research Center & Woodland Hospital Kolkata. During 13 years of his Career as a Cardiologist Dr Mandal has performed independently  more 10000 Coronary Angiographies and more than 1000  Angioplasties including Primary Angioplasty, Complex coronary interventions viz. CTO, Bifurcation, Ostial, Peripheral angioplasty, Renal artery Stenting etc. He has independently performed more 1000 Valvuloplaty procedures which include PTMC (Balloon Mitral Valvuloplaty for treatment of Mitral Stenosis), Pulmonary and Aortic Valvuloplaty along with Coarctoplasty. Dr Mandal has done more than 500 Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization procedures including Transcatheter device closure of PDA, ASD, and VSD. Besides, he has implanted more 6000 devices which include Pacemaker, AICD, CRT-P and CRT-D independently. To the best of our knowledge, Dr Mandal has to his credit one of the highest number of pacemaker implantations in the country. Most Important and interesting part of his Pacemaker Surgery is that Microscopic Incision with subcuticular stitch  which does not need stitch cutting and it bears lots of Cosmetic Value. He has more than 70 publications to his credit in different Indexed National and International journals and updates along with multiple Paper 70-411 Presentations at National & International Level. Dr Mandal has contributed 7 chapters in different Text Books and has Editorial contribution in 4 Books.%