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A computed tomography (CT) scan

is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create pictures of cross-sections of the body.

Related tests include:
????????????????????? Abdominal CT scan
• Cranial CT scan
• Lumbosacral spine CT scan
• Orbit CT scan
??? Thoracic CT scan
• Spiral CT scan or helical CAT scan is a new specialized CAT scan technique that involves continuous movement of the patient through the scanner with the ability to scan faster and with higher definition of internal structures. Helical CAT scanning can permit greater visualization of blood vessels and internal tissues, such as those within the chest cavity. This form of scanner may be particularly helpful in the rapid evaluation of severe trauma injuries, such as those sustained in automobile accidents.

Why is it done?

A CT scan creates detailed pictures of the body, including the brain, chest, spine, and abdomen. The test may be used to:
• Diagnose an infection
• Guide a surgeon to the right area during a biopsy
• Identify masses and tumors, including cancer
• Study blood vessels


Risks of CT scans include:
• Allergic reaction to contrast dye
• Being exposed to radiation

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